Black List

Updated NOV 8, 2019

All Fines $125 and all entry fees due. No points awarded

Rule From INFR Rule Book

B1.3.20 INFR Competition Membership Fee. The membership fee for a com- petition card shall be set by the INFR Commission in U.S. funds. This will en- title the card holder to enter any INFR Region or Tour rodeo for the current rodeo season.

B1.3.21 INFR Rodeo Year and Memberships. The rodeo year shall begin the Monday immediately following the Indian National Finals Rodeo and will expire at the final performance of the Indian National Finals Rodeo. Member- ships are only current for each rodeo year.

B1.3.22 Ineligible (Suspension) List. A member whose name appears on the INFR or a Region’s ineligible list or on any recognized ineligible list shall not be allowed to enter and compete in an INFR Tour or Region rodeo or in the INFR until all outstanding obligations to the INFR or Region have been satisfied. Each Region is responsible for maintaining its ineligible list. A Region cannot delete members’ names from its ineligible list without all outstanding obligations being satisfied. It is the responsibility of the Region secretary to submit all blacklists to the INFR office. All ineligible contestant lists must be updated and submitted to the INFR office on a weekly basis during the peak of the rodeo season. A final ineligible list must be submitted to the INFR office on or before October 1 of each rodeo season.