IRCA Region 1
Image by Sunni Dixon

2018 IRCA Rodeo Approvals

Feb 10, 2018- Kainai High School IRCA Region Rodeo

EO- Jan 31/18 5-9 PM, CB- Feb 5/18 5-9 PM.  $200 Added.

10 AM Slack, 4 PM Performance

Special Events Limit of 6:

Business Men's Cow Riding, Ladies Cow Riding, Business Men's Team Roping



2018 Proposed Rodeo Dates

Disclaimer: In discussion with Beatle Soop the following dates are proposed for discussion purposes Only (Unofficial). Rodeo Committees and Regions will determine their own dates. We have included some long standing rodeo dates from UIRA and NANCA.  We have also included proposed Indian Relay Races in conjunction with some arenas with tracks. Again, the Indian Relay Association has full and exclusive jurisdiction over Indian Relay Races.

June 16-17- Holloway Father's Day Region Rodeo- Morley

June 22-23-24- NANCA Saddle Lake INFR Tour (Indian Relay Races?)

June 29-30 July 1- Morley INFR Tour

July 3-4-5- NEW - NANCA Red Pheasant Saskatchewan INFR Tour

July 6-7-8 - UIRA Browning INFR Tour (Indian Relay Races)

July 14-15 - NEW Pilot Butte Saskatchewan Region Rodeo (Indian Relay Races)

July 20-21-22- Kainai INFR Tour (Indian Relay Races)

July 27-28-29- Tsuu Tina INFR Tour

Aug 3-4-5- Piikani Region Rodeo (Indian Relay Races)

Aug 10-11-12 Siksika INFR Tour

Aug 18-19- Kahkewistahaw Saskatchewan Region Rodeo

Aug 24-25-26 Cowessess Saskatchewan INFR Tour


New INFR Contract- For the next 3 years the INFR will be held in October.

The last day for Region Finals will be the 3rd week-end in September

Using historical dates the Region Finals for UIRA, NANCA and IRCA would be:

UIRA- Sept 1-2, NANCA- Sept 7-8-9, IRCA- Sept 14-15-16.